The Record Project

A-side / B-side: Conversation & Music
A record featuring Furukawa Hideo and Mukai Shūtoku
Limited to 500 copies, with liner notes

Entering the basement hall of Waseda University’s Okuma Tower at 5pm on October 1, 2022, members of the audience for the very first performance in the Yanai Initiative's new Record Project series were greeted by a large projection. The screen was all but filled with a large black circle surrounded by a jumble of wires and metal. This curious looking, multi-armed machine was a record lathe, ready to begin cutting into the black lacquer disc sitting motionless on its turntable.

Minutes later, novelist Furukawa Hideo and musician Mukai Shūtoku walked out onto stage and, as the disk began to spin, launched into an extraordinary, intense performance. There was no editing, no possibility of a second take. This record captures in the most visceral way the exuberance, the focus, and the tension that filled the room that day.

Please note that at present this record can only be shipped to addresses in Japan.
To inquire about obtaining a copy outside Japan, please write to the UCLA Yanai Initiative office at


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